Our services for start-ups and scale-ups


Most start-ups create pitch decks and pitches for investors. With a little bit of extra effort these pitch decks can be made to fit for potential customers! The pitches for potential customers are fundamentally different from those for investors and deserve to be practised as well.

We provide pitch training and pitch coaching for start-ups, both for the investor pitches and the customer pitches.


From our experiences in working with numerous start-ups and incubators we have found that actually marketing and selling the innovation is a challenge for a lot of start-ups. Start-ups need to figure out the required online/offline mix of customer acquisition channels and create a selling approach that fits their customers, their proposition and themselves.

We provide workshops to help you create your customer acquisition channels and selling process. Where needed we provide hands-on sales coaching for specific opportunities and hands-on sales coaching for specific customer contacts. We help you figure out which activities to carry out to get to the next stage in a selling process and do dry runs with you for upcoming meetings and presentations.



Our sales coaching expertise is of course relevant for scale-ups as well. For scale-ups we also provide a scaling programme. The scaling programme consists of a series of workshops where we help you find out which parts of the organisation need to be redesigned, define implementation activities and define how you will monitor the implementation. We use the principles of the Lean Strategy: deliberately redesign essential parts, implement, monitor and adjust according to the results that emerge.


More information: send an email to academy@eisenfelt.com or call Ron Lameij 06-31949097